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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Winter Jackets

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Thursday, 4 May 2017


People around me sat silent in shock. I didn't really feel anything. I mean, it was sad news but it felt more like I'd been informed of an event, nothing that scared me.

A lady had just stood up in church and with tears rolling down her face, she told us that yesterday her son had attempted suicide by jumping out in front of a train. She told us how there was no one he could talk to until Monday and didn't understand why they would say that he was ok to go home.

You could hear a pin drop.

I wish I could talk to him. I get it, I've been there myself. I felt stupid for it and really didn't want to talk to anyone afterward. I wanted to tell him how it really is. It never goes away. It shows it's ugly head again and you might prepare to do it but very few people go all the way.

Very few people see me as depressed or anxious. It's only the people close to me that know. Not that I am hiding it, but imagine if I answered the truth every time someone asked, "How are you today?" What a dull world this would be. 

So when I offered to talk to the man, it was percieved more as a "caring" heart, not an experienced victim. Yes, victim is an appropriate term. This is not a mood, it is something that will overcome you and control your decisions. If you have any mental health condition, you are a victim. Don't kid yourself. You need to learn how to survive and live with it. Not believe it when it tells you that you are going to lose and should just give up. And that is hard to do.

My friend, stand up for yourself. Don't let the black dog take control. You are worth it!


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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Trying to Find Love - FILM FEST


Well, I thought I'd fly under the radar with this competition. The theme was "The Fruits of the Spirit" and with my attempt to find a little more "love" in my daily life, I figured it would fit in ok. 

So I did up a basic video clip to help support the this brand new event. They needed more videos to make it work and being a part of the advisory meant that I got alot of "freindly" hassle from the rest of the team. 

The day came. I figured it would be a bit personal, but no one would know who I was. When we got there, ALL of the producers were shocked to find out that we were being interviewed. Say WHAT?! 

It was so embarrassing but that's not all. Afterward, people kept coming and saying how it was good. Thanks for the compliments guys, but just to see someone looking at me who had just seen what I really felt inside was unnerving. 

So here's the clip that I submitted.

Friday, 17 March 2017

I'm under attack!

Anxiety is taking over my life! 

This week I was unable to walk for a whole day. I became weak and lost complete use of my legs. After a few hours I felt stronger but the dizziness was too much to be able to walk. 

After some medical tests it was concluded that I was suffering from stress and anxiety.

This isn't just something in my mind. This is taking over my body and it's spiralling out of control.

So I asked google for help. What do I do to stop anxiety?

Here's an idea I found on the Anxiety and Depression Association of America If you're struggling with anxiety, try out some of these ideas, the more the better. Just don't make it worse by trying to do it all at once.


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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Myths and Facts

Life was never meant to be easy. Myth!
Good comes to those who wait. Myth!
The LORD helps those who help themselves. Myth!
Nothing worth having comes easy. Myth!

God wants the best for us. Fact!
God loves us more than we can comprehend. Fact!
God died for us so that we can live forever. Fact!
No matter what happens, God will always give us a second chance. Fact!

So what does all this mean? Should we slack off and follow the ways of the world? Should we go ahead and do what we feel is wrong with the idea of "it doesn't matter because God will give us a second chance."

Have you ever wondered why God wants the best for us and why he keeps giving us another chance?

We are born into a world of sin. When God created this world, there was no sin. It was only when the devil came on the scene did we even think of sin. God had been with Adam every day, teaching him how to look after what he'd been given. Do you think that God had planned for there to be sin in this world? Of course not. 

God still comes to us every day, teaching us how to look after what He has given us, but all too often, we find ourselves following sin. 

Let's listen to what God tells us every day. We can find it in the Bible, especially the Psalms and Proverbs. We can find it in the blessings we are given, it's easy to see them when we're looking. We can find it in our hearts. 

We just have to look.

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